26 November 2009

Kurtis Blow - "The Breaks"

Kurtis Blow performing at Soultrain in 1980.

16 November 2009

08 November 2009

Concert photos - BLK JKS

BLK JKS at Blå, Oslo World Music Festival, 7. Jan 2009
(photo: me)

07 November 2009


BLK JKS is playing at Blå tonite!

02 November 2009


 The Uncomfortable Truth



I had a secret a couple of years ago. This lovely lady, Nneka. Finally people are starting to notice her after she relased Heartbeat, a song from her 2nd album "No Longer at Ease". She's been nominated for several awars for this song, and the other day it was used in a comercial on Norwegian television. My secret has been revealed. At first it was a bit hard to swallow, but now I'm glad. Cause she is cool. And thats why I want to share my secret. Two songs from her first album "Victim of Truth" and a painting I did of her 3 years ago.

Sister Fa