27 September 2009

BLK JKS + Esau Mwamwaya = dope

Found this video of BLK JKS and Esau Mwamwaya (known from The Very Best) together in studio. Looks like most of them are high as kites... But I think they are cool. I got to see Esau Mwamwaya this summer at the Øya festival in Oslo, where he performed with The Very Best. Even though it was raining like hell most of the time it was an awsome concert! They introduced us to a great mixture of electro pop, dance, hip hop, African rythms, and their work with musicians like Vampire Weekend (which also played at Øya this year), Architecture in Helsinki, M.I.A. (my heroine!), and off course BLK JKS. Their new album, Warm Heart of Africa, is absolutely worth checking out!

BLK JKS are the new supercool indie kids - all the way from Joburg, South Africa. Not only are they pretty big back home, but they are getting a good reputation in Europe and US as well. At this years South by South West in Texas they got lots of respect and good reviews for their EP Mystery. In November BLK JKS are playing at Oslo World Music Festival at Blå. I'm going, and so should you!

Dead Prez in Oslo

Dead Prez is comming to Oslo the 19 Nov. Anyone who wants to go?

23 September 2009

22 September 2009

I don't know...

... just felt like doing the blog thing again.